[SWLUG] Re: RE: Deadtop

Michael Parker Michael.Parker at wbs.wales.nhs.uk
Fri May 28 11:09:05 UTC 2004

If you know someone in the IT dept of a fairly large company, they might
have a hardware cloner. We used them when I was working for UWA, they allow
you to take a hard disk and make a bit by bit copy on to another disk, it
worked with desktop drives and laptop drives, does it really speedily and
accurately. Buying one is a bit out of the question (a few grands worth of
kit for a good one), but you might find someone who can do it in a lunch

Also, a useful windows bit of software is Get Data Back which, as the name
suggests, is an email application. No, not really, in fact it does what it
says on the tin, and is great for all sorts of hard disk mess-uppances.

hope this helps


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