[SWLUG] Re: Deadtop

Rhys Sage rhys_sage at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 13:07:11 UTC 2004

Thanks for all the information and help.

I've isolated the problem, I think, to the laptop
mainboard. I have a USB caddy that I popped the laptop
into. Initially, it came up as unformatted space.
Since I knew there was nothing of value on the laptop,
I reformatted the drive to FAT32 and checked it using
Norton Disk Doctor. I put the drive back into the
laptop. The laptop still refuses to recognise its
battery (not a hopeful sign). Plugged in the charger
cord and powerd up. The laptop drive whirred and I had
a diagram coming up telling me to insert a floppy
disk. I did and since the drive is now fat32, used
MS's FDISK. It couldn't even find the drive. When I've
used MS's FDISK before, on a Linux drive, it's come up
telling me that there's stuff on the drive but it's
not Windows. I've downloaded the test disk that Justin
suggested and I'll have a go with that sometime over
the next few days. I'm pretty sure it's the laptop
that's dead rather than the drive since it's a bit
much of a coincidence that the battery (which was
good) is now not recognised but it's worth a shot.


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