Kris Zani kriszani at iscavision.com
Fri Mar 24 12:30:08 UTC 2006

Hi All

I'm having trouble getting pcmcia working in gentoo with a 2.6 kernel.  
Anyone have this working?
Could really do with some assistance.  Tried lots of stuff but can't 
seem to work out whats working and whats not to be
able to track down where to start.

the laptop should use the yenta_socket driver and i have compiled 
support for all the PCMCIA stuff into the kernel (no modules).

then emerged pcmica-cs and pcmciautils

that doesn't seem to work. 

not sure where to go next.

please reply any ideas, tips or whatever.
or skype me kpzani
or msn smileyjones123 at hotmail.com



PS.  the msn name is so strange as it was a "fake" identity used while 
we where constructing a dating agency website and it just sort of stuck.

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