[SWLUG] Re Quietist Meeting Ever

Pete Prior swlug at nermal.org
Wed Mar 29 12:55:06 UTC 2006

Hi Julian,

Julian Hall wrote:

> 2.  Over the last couple of years finding a (legal) parking space in
> Cardiff has become nigh on impossible - I recently drove in with a
> friend, took 20 minutes to get there, 25 to find *no parking space* so
> drove home having wasted over an hour and a half.
> 3.  Access.  I'm not familiar with the venue, perhaps someone could
> advise me what wheelchair access is like?  Is access to the pub flat,
> and is it flat *inside* also?

Regarding point 2, the Earnest Willows (Cardiff Venue) has free parking 
close to it after 6:30pm.  You can usually find a space with in a couple 
of hundred metres.  The venue has flat access both to the building and 
to the beer garden at the back.  There is a disabled toilet (as in a 
toilet for disabled people, not a broken one ;) ) as well.  It's also 
flat inside apart from one raised bit which we don't go in anyway.


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