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On 08/05/06, Davage, Marcus <Marcus.Davage at lloydstsb.co.uk> wrote:
>  What's wrong with ebuyer? I've bought stuff of them quite happily.

I've used them over thirty times (for myself and a previous employer)
and all was well until they shipped me the wrong product (a DVD burner).

Everyone makes mistakes, but in this case it took them nine weeks of failing
put it right. I had to write them a bunch of letters, all of which they
ignored (bar
the last, which had a distinctly legal feel to it). They lied on several
told me I was 'wrong' despite the fact that I had their own documents
I was right, and were generally unprofessional. It ended with me placing the
cc payment in dispute and forcing the issue. I still ended up out of pocket,
having had to return the 'incorrect' items to them at my cost (in
of the distance selling act, it transpires).

I know these guys work on *very* tight margins, but in my experience their
customer service is a disgrace. YMMV, of course. I gave up on them and
have recently been using Komplett, who are so far doing very well.

Sometimes cheap ain't cheap!


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