[SWLUG] Ubunt-doh!

Michael Parker Michael.Parker at wbs.wales.nhs.uk
Wed Jul 25 08:43:30 UTC 2007

Well, I managed to totally mess my ubuntu system up - (I'm putting it down to a badly built university bunged together in a slightly tired caffeine fired state, build quality - which did manage to last for 5 years...)

So, I've decided to aim for the stars and buy a new pc (I know, shocking).

I looked at the lower end Dells (which STILL have a 160GB hdd etc) and found you can de-pimp it down to a base system price of £79 +vat+p&p

So, my question is thus,

1. Can anyone recommend a wireless internal card / usb dongle that is cheap AND works with ubuntu out of the box (7.04 seems a lot better for this than the 6.nn flavours) [as my pc is not next to my router!]

2. Can you see any mayor problems installing ubuntu on "a dell pc" or are there better (cheap) options out there?

Thanks guys, hope to be at the Cardiff meet next week - Mike

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