[SWLUG] Ubunt-doh!

Michael Parker Michael.Parker at wbs.wales.nhs.uk
Mon Jul 30 07:38:40 UTC 2007

Well, thanks to everyone for their input with this!

Seems it wasn't such an emergency afterall... I WAS running ubuntu 6.10
with a wireless netgear wg111 card using ndiswrapper quite happily.
(Yeah, took an hour of googling, but it was up and running after that!!)

Then I thought "ooh, what's this? An UPGRADE to my operating system...
all I have to do is click on the OK and it will all be funky-licious..."
so I clicked, all downloaded, rebooted and dead end...

So, I thought, Ahhh, why not just upgrade to 7.04... so I did, fresh
install, jobs a goodn.

However. Every time I plugged the wireless card in I got some scary
error at the terminal... (not sure what it was now, but the gist is
"this aint gonna work as its cream crackered.")

So I panicked, emailed swlug... and then on Saturday, tried the card in
windoze... all good.

Installing 6.06LTS version of ubuntu, it works like a dream. (installed
ndiswrapper from the cd and used the driver from netgear, sorted.)

WHEN will I learn the "if it aint broke, don't try to 'make it faster /
better' "???

Cheers :)


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