[SWLUG] Ubunt-doh!

Philip Barnes phil at trig222.f9.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 17:56:41 UTC 2007

I am quite intrigued by these devices and have a few questions. 

Are the coded in some way, so that your neighbour 3 doors away on the
same phase cannot snoop/steal your broadband?

Can you have more than one pair on the same phase, i.e. a link to the
study upstairs and one to the living room? and if not, would you find it
wont work if the neighbour on the same phase already has them?

How secure are they, are they at least as good as WEP, or are they still
security but obscurity.

Whilst I will be sticking with wireless for my laptop when I am sitting
with my wife, one day she will complain about the ethernet cable running
up the stairs and sky will do something with the ethernet port on the
sky HD box.

Thanks Phil

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