[SWLUG] Router mystery deepens

Neil Jones neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 21:05:24 UTC 2008

Thanks everyone for all their help. I do feel I maybe getting somewhere 
in untangling this problem but it is really weird.

For clarity let me describe things clearly again. The set up is two PCS 
On running Mandriva Linux and one Win XP.
Connected to Virgin by an old silver Cable modem and a router..
There are two symptoms
One the windows Box looses all connectivity to the net at random 
intervals. The internet is just not there. At one time I can view Tv 
programs via
Iplayer and later I cannot so much as get ping to work. As dead as the dodo.
Two the linux box never seems to have any connectivity.

The router has one set of lights lit those connected to the windows box. 
If I move the cable along the routers slots the lights change.
Now connecting the windows' box cable to the linux box miraculously 
makes the linux box connect. If it were just the linux box playing up 
then it is obviously the cable.
BUT that does not explain the problems with the Windows box.
I do wonder if I have two problems the intermittent connection and a 
broken cable and that moving things around broke the cable.

For now the connection problem seems to have gone away.  So I will 
replace the cable to the linux box and see what happens. It has gone 
away before several times though only to return at a very inconvenient 

I am still seriously considering changing providers but that means 
changing the phone over as well. Which is a bit of a nightmare.
Virgin's customer support is just useless though. I have had so many 
problems with them. Andrews and Arnold would be ideal. I have heard so 
many good things about them.

If anyone else has any ideas. I'd be grateful to know them.


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