[SWLUG] ADSL Routers.

Matt Willsher matt at monki.org.uk
Tue Jun 24 10:31:25 UTC 2008

Terry John wrote:

> Having been one of those that persevered and got it all working with
> the speedtouch modem and ADSL router is the best solution.
For ease of use a router is definitely the way to go. I've found Netgear to
be good for doing what they say on the box but not much more - things like
having a routable address space behind the router don't work as they should.
For most users they are fine though. If the person you're installing it for
is using Windows and isn't technically minded (don't want to open ports for
messenger, skype etc.) enable uPnP on the router. It's worth having a host
base firewall on their computer too, just in case.

Avoid USB modem/routers. USB was not designed to carry network type data and
doesn't perform particularly well.

I've just aquired a SmartAX MT882 (Talk Talk's bundled router), which you
can have if you can collect from Bridgend. It's got a single LAN connection,
firewall and filtering. Don't know how good it is, though I imagine you get
what you pay for :)

While on the subject of routers/modems, I've been looking for a basic modem
(not router) for a while but not been able to find one that I'm sure will do
the job. I'm after something with a good ADSL/ADSL2+ chipset and allows
half-bridging (Firewall>PPPoE>modem>PPPoA>ISP or
Firewall<DHCP<modem>PPPoA>ISP). The modem musn't expose itself to the
internet and I'd like SNMP for monitoring, preferably with the ability to
monitor line quality etc. in addition to the usual MIBs. Any suggests
gratefully accepted.

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