[SWLUG] plea for hardware help

bascule asura at theexcession.co.uk
Sat Mar 15 01:00:34 UTC 2008

does anyone in the cardiff area have an amd socket a athon/xp/sempron mobo 
that they could lend me for a few days? i have a box that inexplicably hangs 
after a few hours, i've been swapping in and out cpus, mem, power supplies, 
checked the cooling - actually improved that!, the only thing i can't swap is 
the mobo since a friend gave me that to replace the definitely dead mobo that 
caused me to have to open the box in the first place, a mobo known to be 
working when my friend upgraded to a new one. i could have managed to damage 
it in transit but that would be very unlucky, however i'd like to eliminate 
the mobo for peace of mind.

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