[SWLUG] plea for hardware help

bascule asura at theexcession.co.uk
Sat Mar 15 19:13:36 UTC 2008

hi geraint, i just popped in to check my email after the match, woohoo!
would monday evening be ok to pop by and borrrow your machine?
i'm a cf24 postcode too so you shouldn't be too far away
i'll give you a ring tomorrow (sunday), you'll probably be out this evening 
celebrating,  :)


On Saturday 15 March 2008 09:12:32 Geraint Edwards wrote:
> I'm out most of today (from 12) for the rugby, and away tomorrow and
> Monday, so it's either collect this morning, or wait until Monday
> evening/Tuesday.
> Collect the whole box, cos I don't have time to empty it, sorry.

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