[SWLUG] Technical Meeting Announcement and Call for Papers/Talks

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Fri Apr 3 22:30:20 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I can now officially announce the first South Wales Linux User Group
Technical Meeting will be held on Sunday the 26th of April starting at
1800 (6pm) in Swansea Meeting house.  I will post up directions and more
details over the weekend.  Obviously all are welcome to come along.

Obviously hiring the meeting house isn't free and Stephen Constantinou a
SWLUG member who is also the Lettings Clerk for Swansea Meeting house
has paid half of the £48 fee (£24 per 3 hours and we're having it for 5
hours, which comes in as 6 hours for the purposes of charging) and the
refundable deposit.  This does mean that I will ask folks for a £2
voluntary donation on the night.  If you are unemployed/OAP/student then
I'd be happy with £1.  Obviously that is voluntary, so if you don't want
too pay I'm not going to kick you out.  As an aside there will be
tea/coffee and milk there.  If you fancied contributing fizzy
drinks/biscuits I doubt they'd go uneaten :)

I have spoken to a number of people about talks, if you are still
interested, please email me/respond on list.  On the flipside, if you
have a subject you'd like to hear a talk about, please again post to the
list and if there is interest I'm hopefully someone will be able to do a
talk about it.  I do plan on having a schedule for the evening, so if
you are doing a talk please let me know how long it will last, so I can
schedule you in.

I'm happy to accommodate other things at the meeting, so if you have
*anything* linuxey or geeky you think we should do let me know and we'll
sort it out.  Ideas include keysigning, installfests, a bit of LAN
gaming, tech support for those hard to fix linux issues, hardware
hacking and anything else I've not thought of but comes in under the
linux/tech/geek category.

It has been suggested that we use the wiki on the website to add talk
suggestions and the like.  I can't add another top level group (can
someone help with that) on it, but if you want to add a topic to the
Lightning Talks area and link it up on here, that'd be good.  The wiki
is here:


If someone wants to sort out a poster, please feel free.  I'm not very
good at that sort of thing.

Finally, it would be good if we could have a projector, so if you have
one/have access too one, then please get in touch.  I hope to have a DV
Camera for the talk so it should be recorded.

I doubt I've covered everything, so if you have any questions, fire
away.  Further details will be forthcoming as I sort things out.



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