[SWLUG] Cardiff meeting write-up

Matthew Moore matt at matthewmoore.org.uk
Fri Apr 3 22:33:52 UTC 2009

Gerald Davies wrote:
> 2009/4/2 Sam Radion <sam at samradion.co.uk>:
>> I'm glad to see these write-ups have caught on too. Hopefully it shows that
>> we are an active group and might make people less aprehensive about coming
>> along
> I think twitter and the swlug twitterfeed is having an impact on this tbh.

It's all good.  The more publicity we get the more people who are likely
to turn up.  Thanks for setting it up.

> oh, and badgering #swlug people that never attend, cough, splutter, cough.
> (and yes, i know i rarely attend, but i have made the effort on the
> last two occasions - ok, i had to leave early the other night.)
> if you want more... someone with "mad skillz" knock up a poster and
> flypost cardiff, swansea, glam, and most of the other universities,
> colleges, etc.. and you'll pull in more numbers IMHO.  i can stick
> some up around physx & compsci (should be a job of a student, not
> staff!) although i'm not sure i could tolerate spending the day AND
> evening with my colleagues. hah.

I'd be happy to put up posters around the place.  Personally I reckon
word of mouth works better to an extent, but again, it's all good
publicity.  I'm crap at doing posters tho, anyone care to help out?

> and to think of all the other lurkers on list too ;-)

I know some lurkers turned up the other night.  Hopefully more will come
along in the future, we're not at all scary.

> can list members view the membership list e.g. mailman? i can't
> remember, but would be good to know... and possibly obfuscate some
> info. someone knock up stats for posts (ahem, sam, nat).

I think IRC stats would be good as well.  Once I've got my IRC bouncer
running I'll sort some out.

> 2p

Good ideas mate, thanks for the 2p.


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