Justin Mitchell justin at discordia.org.uk
Wed Sep 15 10:20:48 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 09:57 +0100, Jon Reynolds wrote:

<massive snip>

>     jonr at jcrdevelopments:~/wiptestrepo$ cd
>     jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ rm -rf wiptestrepo/
>     jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ svn co file:///home/jonr/testrepo/<tab><tab>
>     README.txt  conf/       dav/        db/         format      hooks/
>     locks/
> As you can see when I try to check out trunk by tabbing after the name
> of the top level of the repo (testrepo) I just get shown the svn
> generated files and dirs.

the svn repository isnt a normal filesystem, so the shell cant expand
names within it.  (there may be some special hacks to let it know)

just treat the repo directory as an opaque lump.

also, i think, because your using direct file access (which is not a
good way to use it generally) you likely have to use two arguments.

you probably have to type:

svn co file://home/jonr/testrepo/ trunk

as i dont know if its intelligent enough to work out the part that is
the repo directory fromt he part that is the internal svn structure.

The more common way to access svn is through apache and the web dav
module, there should be a mod_dav_svn package for your system, install
that and tweak the apache config to tell it where the repo is, then you
can use normal apache user access controls to limit access to it.

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