Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 09:38:11 UTC 2010

On 15 September 2010 09:57, Jon Reynolds <maillist at jcrdevelopments.com> wrote:
> <snip>
> What you have described is exactly what I have done. This is is where my
> problem starts. Below are the steps I performed:
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ svnadmin create testrepo
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ svn co file:///home/jonr/testrepo/ wiptestrepo
>    Checked out revision 0.
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ cd wiptestrepo/
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~/wiptestrepo$ mkdir trunk branches tags
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~/wiptestrepo$ svn add trunk/ branches/ tags/
>    A         trunk
>    A         branches
>    A         tags
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~/wiptestrepo$ svn commit -m 'test'
>    Adding         branches
>    Adding         tags
>    Adding         trunk
>    Committed revision 1.
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~/wiptestrepo$ cd
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ rm -rf wiptestrepo/
>    jonr at jcrdevelopments:~$ svn co file:///home/jonr/testrepo/<tab><tab>
>    README.txt  conf/       dav/        db/         format      hooks/
>    locks/

I don't think you can use tab completion on svn like this. The problem
you're seeing is that it's trying to complete the path using the files
physically in the filesystem at /home/jonr/testrepo/, which is where
the svn database is stored.

Try "svn ls file:///home/jonr/testrepo/" instead (that's LS, like the
list directory command), and you should see your 3 directories in the
output. I tend not to use the file:// protocol with svn, we've got a
HTTP DAV server in work for our repository. IIRC, I've not used tab
completion, although there might be special support for svn in one of
the bash_completion files. Try looking at
/etc/bash_completion.d/subversion (although the bash_completion files
are *hard-core*!)

Ah, I've just noticed Steve's post, but he doesn't mention the svn ls
command, so I'm still posting this.


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