[SWLUG] Cardiff Meeting this Wednesday

Paul Connell swlug at paulconnell.fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 3 13:58:58 UTC 2011

Organise - I've been told several times that it woould be like trying to
'herd cats' - is this the case?


On Thu, 03 Feb 2011 13:48 +0000, "Justin Mitchell"
<justin at discordia.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-02-03 at 12:40 +0000, Paul Connell wrote:
> > My problem with the meetups,
> > 
> > I can go for a drink with blokes any time at a pub - and I know we talk
> > about open source 'stuff' but for me the technical meetings we were
> > having in Swansea were the most 'relevant' thing to me about the LUG.
> > 
> > Apart from 'The Penguin, what marks the LUG out as different to any
> > other group of people at that bar?  They talk about football, we talk
> > about <insert latest open source thingie here> - not enough of a
> > difference to me really, especially when we drift off topic or have five
> > conversations going on at the same time - 'what am I missing over
> > there?'
> > 
> > Does that sound harsh?  It is not meant to be, but I need 'more' to
> > justify my attendance.
> > 
> > Call me fickle (no, really)...
> I think it's obvious that we need to do something different if we are to
> remain relevant, first the swansea meetings dwindled and got cancelled,
> now it seems cardiff is headed the same way.
> Whilst the technical meetings were popular, they take a lot more effort
> to arrange as well as involving money, and thus need someone to actively
> organise them.
> I don't know if the answer is a different format, a different venue, or
> simply the need for someone to step forward with the time and energy to
> organise.
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