[SWLUG] Cardiff Meeting this Wednesday

Justin Mitchell justin at discordia.org.uk
Thu Feb 3 14:21:14 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-02-03 at 13:58 +0000, Paul Connell wrote:
> Organise - I've been told several times that it woould be like trying to
> 'herd cats' - is this the case?

in my experience organising anything is a bit like that, things i have

if you ask a group for an opinion, youll get lots of different ones, or
none at all. a concensus is a rare and beautiful thing.

if you ask 'is this okay?' you'll get few answers, and things wont go
ahead, much better to say 'its this unless you object' and only worry if
lots do.

whatever you decide, someone will always object, you cant make everyone
happy, dont get disheartened by it, just go with what works for the

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