[SWLUG] firewall bandwith shaping

Daniel Morris danielm at iee.org
Wed May 2 20:56:23 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 02, 2012 at 05:24:15PM +0100, bascule wrote:
> with my ipcop firewall hardware apparently failing this isn't a bad
> time to address an idea i've been mulling for some time.  later in the
> year virgin (censoring bastards) will be trebling my speed and i
> thought that since i'm happy with my current speed i'd let my house
> mates connect wirelessly through the firewall, however i'm keen to
> ensure that i still get the full 10mbs i currently get no matter what
> the others may be doing and also that no matter what i might do they
> get some minimum like 2 mbs so that i don't get frequent complaints :)
> i believe that this is called bandwith shaping but i'm not sure what
> firewall/router software i should look at for this.  i'm open to
> suggestions, as far as i can see ipcop only allows to throttle for
> certain activity not guarantee bandwith.

If you have a compatible wireless router you could install Gargoyle
(based ontop of openwrt) and use its bandwidth throttling or quotas. You
can do this on a per machine or group of machines basis, and there are
various discussions about this in the forums and various blog posts.
Watch out if going to buy an old trusty wrt54g, only certain models have
sufficient flash/ram for it.


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