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Lashley, Malcolm mlashley at sonusnet.com
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You can also use the same tool to merge split files into one - then use qemu-img to convert to COW2 (or other formats), if you decide that Linux KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) suits your virtualization needs.
(From my recent testing, It seems to work well - but get an OOPS (in guest) with old 2.4 linux kernels - since one of my VM's is Redhat8 (shudder) I'm sticking with VMWare for now.)


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Richard Price wrote:
>>  I have however regretted not splitting the files when they grew over 2Gb
>>  and I wanted to copy them over to a shared FAT32 partition when I started
>>  running out of space and couldnt :-(  Since then, I always split.
> You can use VMWare Converter to split the files after the event - its
> a free tool downloadable from their website.
> Richard

If only I'd realised at the time!  Never mind, I'll probably have 
forgotten again by next time as well :-)


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