[Wiltshire] Fwd: BCS Swindon Branch - April Events - "Relational Database Management Systems and SQL - a load of Codds or just past its sell-by Date!" & "Enterprise Content Management"

Richard Reynolds richard at uberpussy.net
Tue Apr 8 12:56:51 BST 2008

Another BCS event open to guests if anyone is interested.

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Subject: BCS Swindon Branch - April Events - "Relational Database
Management Systems and SQL - a load of Codds or just past its sell-by
Date!" & "Enterprise Content Management"
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A final reminder that the next BCS Swindon branch meeting will be held
at New College, Swindon, SN3 1AH, on Tue 15 Apr when George Smith will
address the topic "Relational Database Management Systems and SQL - a
load of Codds or just past its sell-by Date!". Light refreshments will
be available from 18:30 hrs and the talk will start at 19:00 hrs. If
you intend coming along then we do please ask that you register at our
website http://www.swindonbcs.co.uk/docs/events.asp where you will
also find further details about the event.

Your committee is aware that Tue is not always a convenient night for
some members and so we have arranged a second event for Apr which will
take place on Thu 24 Apr when Duncan Williams of Deltascheme Ltd will
speak on the 'hot topic" of "Enterprise Content Management",
addressing issues including: "What is Content Management, how and why
should I use it, what solutions are available and what is going on in
the content management market?"

The concept of content management has now been with us for several
decades and has dramatically evolved from its early origins in the
form of electronic document management or document image processing.
Today, Content Management encompasses Document Management, Records
Management, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Web Content
Management (Intranet, Extranet & Internet) and Business Process
Management. There are a plethora of different products available from
a large number of different suppliers, many of which offer very
similar capabilities but at varying costs. But, with any technology,
nothing ever stands still! Today the traditional content management
marketplace is going through very rapid and dramatic changes. Duncan
will illustrate these dramatic changes etc by referencing the
capabilities of a typical, and widely used product, Microsoft Office
SharePoint Server 2007.

Duncan is a Director at Deltascheme Ltd (Microsoft Gold Partner) and
has been in the IT industry for over 23 years working for a number of
vendors and systems integrators. For the past 17 years he has been
specifically involved in the document and content management
marketplace and regularly speaks at industry events.

This event will also be held at New College and light refreshments
will be available from 18:30 hrs with the talk starting at 19:00 hrs.
Please register at our website
http://www.swindonbcs.co.uk/docs/events.asp if you wish to attend; the
event is open to non-BCS members so why not bring a colleague along -
just make sure they register too!

Finally, a couple of notices from the wider 'parish':

BCS Lovelace Lecture

Booking has now opened for the BCS Lovelace Lecture, which will be
held on Tuesday 13 May 2008 at The Royal Society of Medicine, London
W1G 0AE, 18.30 for 19:00 hrs lecture.

Speaker - Ann Copestake; Reader in Computational Linguistics in the
Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

Subject: "What do we mean?  Computational approaches to natural
language semantics"

The lecture is free of charge to attend and open to BCS members and

Further details on how to book are available at: www.bcs.org/events/lovelace.

Museum of Computing

Some of you may well have seen recent coverage about the plight of the
Swindon based Museum of Computing which is being forced out of its
current location at the Oakfield Campus of Bath University in Swindon
in July when Bath University withdraws from Swindon.

The closure of Oakfield means that the Museum will be without a home
and they are seeking suggestions as to where the Museum could move.
They are keen to remain in Swindon in a place that is relatively easy
for people to visit and I'm sure that any suggestions for a new
location would be gratefully received by them. A link to the Museum's
website is contained on our own homepage at



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