[Wiltshire] Meeting place

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Mon Apr 28 11:11:17 BST 2008

When I suggested a couple of years back that we move to O'Neill's, it 
was because it was one of the few places to have the novel idea of 
offering a no smoking area in a pub. Remember the dark old days when 
people were allowed to smoke inside pubs? Yuk.

Now that this does not apply, I was thinking that the beer is a whole 
lot cheaper next door at Sir Daniel's. And it is rumoured to 
sometimes provide WiFi if anybody should happen to want to use it 
(although I've not so far found it working). So what does everybody 
else think about hopping next door? Is it quiet in there on Mondays? 
No point in going in there if there's loud music.

If we want WiFi, there's also the Aussie bar along the street that 
advertises it's provided free, but I've not been in there to check 
out the beer yet. Maybe on Saturday.


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