[Wiltshire] OT: Tolerance vs. PC [Was: Meeting place]

Michael Da Cova mdacova at equiinet.com
Mon Apr 28 13:45:04 BST 2008


|Come on people, your just getting silly now. There is no  
|scientificily proven link, only sanctimonious superstition and 
|media led crusades. Why ask Roy Castle's wife ? Is she a 
|scientific expert ? Or perhaps her vision is clouded by 
|emotional loss and the need to blame.
|Ive been a lurker on this list for a while, at least now you 
|have helped me make the decision that i really do NOT want to 
|come along to a meet and see you people in the flesh.

I will second that and may even remove myself from this list as I understand
it to be a Linux User Group


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