[Wiltshire] Meeting place

Dianne Reuby pramclub at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 08:47:47 BST 2008

I agree that it's a long way for people to travel - it would be good if
we could have sections around the county who meet in their area. That
could possibly mean meetings could start earlier, making them more open
to a wider audience.

We could use Wilts IRC as a way to keep up with each other, and pass on
interesting info from meetings - future events, solutions to (Linux)
problems, etc. And have joint meetings occasionally.

I'm not really a pub person, but I can see that if it's mainly a social
meet with Linux chat we'd want comfort rather than the sort of chairs
available in school/college/church halls.

Main problem is usually finding people to organise meetings. Some of the
workload could be cut down by having publicity posters, flyers on the
Wilts wiki, that each group organiser could download and edit with their
meeting details.


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