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John Larkworthy john_larkworthy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 15:54:13 BST 2008

Lets put this discussion in some kind of context
originally the meetings in Swindon were a meet the
locals and put "faces to names" affairs. 
I did organise a formal 'Install Fest' which went
quite well but we did not appear to gain significant
membership, I can't gauge our success any other way.

Formal meetings would require organisation, but no-one
has volunteered. We would need someone to take charge
of hiring the hall and collecting subscriptions for
paying the rent etc.

Instead we have tended to use the local hostelries for
free and pay for the use of the seating by buying
drinks. O'Neils serves both Ales (sometimes) and
Coffees (always) even on a Monday.

The problems with O'Neils are the poor lighting
outside and the music playing inside. The lighting
makes the place seem unapproachable (even closed) and
the music playing can make talking difficult. Given
the trade O'Neils has on a Monday I am surprised that
it is still open, unlike several of the 'chains'
nearby which only open at the weekend. Perhaps we are 
going to arrive one Monday to locked doors!

I find IRC problematical. I cannot be a regular
subscriber to IRC as it does not penetrate our fire
wall at work. In the evenings I am busy with other
things, so being able to answer emails when I am free
suits me.


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