[Wiltshire] Meetings for absolute beginners

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Tue Apr 29 19:19:39 BST 2008

I've started another thread, because the other one seems to mainly concern the 
already converted.

Would it be worth while for others to try doing the same as myself and Simon 
Fryer? We placed an article in the local free magazine to tell people what 
free software is, and invite anybody interested to come along to have a chat 
at our (now just my) local. We generated several visitors on the first 
evening, and now we tend to get either one or two coming along most times. 
Not a large number of people I know, but it means that absolute beginners can 
get a 1:1 session for free with somebody who might not be a guru, but at 
least already knows the basics of downloading, burning iso files to CDs, 
installing, setting up email, security, etc.

It doesn't have to be done in association with Wilts LUG or anybody else, it 
can be a completely separate local arrangement, but if it generates some new 
users who want to try using Linux but don't know how or don't have the 
confidence to get started, it's a well worthwhile thing to do.



FACT - Millions of people worldwide continue to pay money to the richest 
person in the world to use his products, even though perfectly good software 
is given away completely free of charge by the open source community! I can't 
understand it either.

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