[Wiltshire] Accounting software ?

kmilburn at kmilburn.force9.co.uk kmilburn at kmilburn.force9.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 15:42:30 GMT 2008

Hi Andy

I've been using GNUCash <www.gnucash.org> for over 4 years now..  It does
import QIF (Quicken) files, which is a fairly common export format.

It's a full featured double-entry accounts package,  the only issue I have
with it, is that it could do with better reports.  (I like line graphs!)


> Hi People
> l'm interested to know whether there is a Linux alternative to Sage.. l
> might be able to get my wife to start using Ubuntu if there's something
> available that will allow her to import customers data properly.
> __________________
> Andy - Salisbury

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