[Wiltshire] Accounting software ?

Andrew Meredith andrew at anvil.org
Tue Feb 26 07:43:59 GMT 2008

Jim Avery wrote:
> Not quite.  I vaguely recalled something about Intuit developing a
> Quickbooks for Linux, so I googled this press release.
> http://www.intuit.com/about_intuit/press_room/press_release/2007/06-13.jhtml

Ahaah .. there is hope on the horizon then :)

> I'm not sure whether you still need a Windows client for this.  Either
> way, I guess the $3000 enterprise version isn't quite what you have in
> mind!  I haven't used Quickbooks myself for a few years - it's an
> excellent product.

Sure it's a bit rich for my plate and it's the US version, so no VAT or 
UK PAYE etc .. but it's a massive step closer !

Thanks for the link.

Andy M

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