[Wiltshire] Accounting software ?

Kevin Milburn kevin at kmilburn.force9.co.uk
Wed Feb 27 15:51:34 GMT 2008

> Kev wrote:
>>  I've been using GNUCash <www.gnucash.org> for over 4 years now..  It
>> does
>>  import QIF (Quicken) files, which is a fairly common export format.
> Perhaps I shouldn't let this apparent misunderstanding pass by, even
> though I am not an expert.  Quicken is not Quickbooks.   I think the
> QIF files that gnucash imports only contain general ledger data
> (actual transactions)

That all depends on whose understanding of what!! :)

As you say Quicken is not Quickbooks, but QIF is the 'Quicken Interchange
Format',  which is (or was) used for import/export by the likes of Quicken
and Microsoft Money, and is used by some banks.

Quickbooks uses IIF (Intuit Interchange Format), or the newer qbXML format.

GnuCash also handles the OFX (Open Financial Exchange) format, which is
(also) used by banks for synchronisation..

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