[Wiltshire] Accounting software ?

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Wed Feb 27 15:08:30 GMT 2008

Andy wrote:

>  > l'm interested to know whether there is a Linux alternative to Sage.. l
>  > might be able to get my wife to start using Ubuntu if there's something
>  > available that will allow her to import customers data properly.

Kev wrote:

>  I've been using GNUCash <www.gnucash.org> for over 4 years now..  It does
>  import QIF (Quicken) files, which is a fairly common export format.

Perhaps I shouldn't let this apparent misunderstanding pass by, even
though I am not an expert.  Quicken is not Quickbooks.   I think the
QIF files that gnucash imports only contain general ledger data
(actual transactions)

If Andy wants to enter customer data into Gnucash, such as names,
addresses and unpaid invoices, I suspect he will need to write a
program or do it by hand.

Also, I assume that his wife is going to wait until a new financial
year before switching bookkeeping packages.  It doesn't seem to be any
fun to do the big export-import thing in the middle of the year.
Probably better to start with a blank set of accounts with the brought
forward balances at the top.

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