[Wiltshire] New Members.

Simon Iremonger wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Sun Apr 12 21:05:26 UTC 2009

> Hi,
> I'm a newbie and was thinking of coming along tomorrow.  Is it O.K. for
> parking at the Sir Daniels Arms, and thanks for the postcode as I'll be
> relying on my satnav.
> Sharon

The pub is actually a little into a pedestrianized-zone.

If you look at  http://www.wiltshire.lug.org.uk/
   and then click on the link to a 'streetmap.co.uk' page,
   notice the 'thin brown' roads which are the pedestrianized
   zones (example: regent street).  The pub is at the
   'crossroads' being partly-covered by the 'arrow' on the
   above streetmap page.

Coming off the yellow road from NE (from 'fleming way'), it
   is possible to bear-right into what appears to be
   'oxford st' and very shortly enter a short-stay-car-park
   on the right.

Alternatively, if you wander from there through the many
   back-roads towards "The Park" it is possible to find parking
   zones which are '1 hour' (but only restricted in the daytime
   / early-evening). The road labelled "E.SQ" often has such

I'm not sure how to explain it more clearly...


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