[Wiltshire] Privacy registering for council's wifi?

Tim Walker tim at sidingsound.co.uk
Mon Apr 19 18:01:17 UTC 2010

On the Swindon WiFi question: I suppose it's possible that Signal (and/ 
or anyone they grant data access to) COULD use it to track who you  
are, where you are and what information you are accessing, but then  
again, in theory, so could any WiFi provider...

The question to my mind is: how much does that bother you? If the  
answer is "more than a little bit", you could ensure you're encrypting  
your emails and such, and/or use secure Web sites for webmail and  
other sensitive info.

Moreover, you could subscribe to an SSL VPN service such as Witopia (www.witopia.net 
), and tunnel all your Internet traffic through it. (Witopia says  
Linux owners have to set things up themselves, but I'd guess most  
people on here wouldn't have a problem with that.) I admit I'm looking  
at such a solution if I start using Signal's WiFi, but mainly because  
I want to see how well personal VPNs work (honest!).

So: if your personal motto is something like, "Trust No One": might  
want to think about the above :-)


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