[Wiltshire] Anyone near Melksham?

Jake Davies jdavies.thfc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 15:39:24 UTC 2010

On 09/10/10 22:43, Philip Vossler wrote:
> Are there any LUG members at all close to Melksham?  I'd like to
> run an install day here in Melksham - maybe at the old Wiltshire
> College Campus (if I can gain access), or possibly at the company I
> work for. Hopefully this would be the start of a regular group that
> are into hacking hardware and Linux (not quite a LUG). I know very few
> people in the area and am keen to meet like minded engineers that
> would like to take technology into the community.
> I need a few people to form a core group and hatch a solid proposal
> before going public with the idea.
> Any comments or suggestions very welcome!
> regards
> Phil Vossler
> --
I'm in Frome and would be interested regardless of not knowing how to 
become a LUG member. I attended something called Linux Boot Camp at UWE 
and they had a lot of people new to GNU/Linux. They were doing a "build 
and boot" aimed at new users and installed Slackware. Those that really 
didn't like a heavy text installation and reading documentation had 
other LiveCDs as an alternative. You could encourage people to bring old 
and spare computers and really learn about the O/S by installing 
something like Slack as opposed to a 10 minute run through of Ubuntu.

D. Jake Davies

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