[Wiltshire] Anyone near Melksham?

John Larkworthy john_larkworthy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 10:02:12 UTC 2010


I am with Dave in thinking a single day is not enough. I was the primary mover 
on the last Installfest. We has a fair number of visitors but I did not feel at 
the end we had done little more than preach to the converted. Yes we had new 
people through the door but never saw them again. 

We did a presentation in Swindon Library - thanks for organising that Dave. but 
again the level of continuing use seemed low. 

This could all be a perception problem, people come to the event, learn how 
wonderful Linux is, go home, use it and live happily ever after, but I fear not. 

I think we would do well if we could organise a cost free training school under 
the support of the LUG. I have witnessed something similar in Spain. A local 
computer shop operates the local 'Computer Club' and provide an evenings 
activities in a local bar for ex-patriot English residents. 

A typical evening starts with some introduction to using the computer for letter 
writing, accounts and email. (I suspect a thinly veiled attempt to sell upgrades 
to MS Office from Works). The evening is structure like a training course 
starting with a beginners guide moving on to the more advanced uses of home 
computers. It is sponsored by a local computer shop and they are trying to sell 
more software and hardware. In summary I think we need a regular meeting with a 
proper venue and a published structured program. Currently some members meet in 
a local bar (no cost) and discuss the issues on an ad hock basis. 

Why can't we do it in Swindon/Melksham?
* We need a number of volunteers. I have seen a number of passionate supporters 
appear at the lug meetings with much enthusiasm who have burnt out almost as 
fast, never to be seen again.
* We need a regular venue. Meeting in bars is OK for a social get together but 
if we were to try to run a training session we need the room to be quiet so that 
people can hear what is being said. (Never mind the visual aids, whiteboards, 
flip charts, data projectors etc).
* We will probably need to pay for a regular venue, so we need a treasurer to 
collect contributions and pay the venue.
* We need to organise a programme of presentations. This could be done using a 
shared calendar with people volunteering by putting their name and subject 
against specific meeting dates.

There will always be a need for general support for putting chairs out, tea or 
coffee and tidying the venue up after.

Sorry I am having a bit of a ramble but I offer these thoughts for 
consideration. I wish you every success with you install day and look forward  
to visiting you on the day.

John. L


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