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Re: Meetings


As a Linux newbie (still..) I would like to throw in my tuppence worth into
the discussion on Lug meetings.


What is the purpose of the meetings?

It is obviously a meeting of Linux people, but I do not know why they meet
up? Is there an aim? 

I guess it is to enthuse and promote Linux, of which a main part must mean
assisting novices.

However, I am not sure an evening meeting of people crowded around a coffee
table drinking beer fulfils that...?

What about newbies that are too young to be down town that late etc. etc. ?


The following may explain where I am coming from...

As a Linux newbie I have many issues, difficulties and problems trying to
set up things and do things in or with Linux. 

I obviously can research the issues by googling for solutions, buying
magazines or books. 

However, possibly due to a basic misunderstanding, I can still have a
problem which I, through my own endeavours, cannot resolve.

Next stage is to post a question on one of the forums, this can be quite a
slow process and is not that effective.

I end up getting bogged down and abandoning the project for a while.

The whole process can be worse than pulling teeth...

What would be nice would be to find someone who knows and whom I could ask
... and then., even be shown how it can be done..

I have searched for Linux courses, the commercial ones are very, very
expensive. Linux isn't available as a local Evening Class.

I have even asked a few commercial Linux companies if they offer mentoring
services... no joy..

I do not know anyone who is Linux savvy.


So my hope was that my local Lug would be able to provide me access to those
that know... 

Unfortunately, I do not believe the venue where the Swindon Lug meets lends
itself to solving my issues.

I cannot lug a server, domain controller, client pc etc  and set it up in a
pub and then ask all present if anyone knows how to fix a problem I am


Please accept the above merely as comment and not criticism, I am trying to
be constructive in this as I do want to get involved more.


PS Anyone familiar with Samba access controlled through Active Directory?




Stan Chelchowski

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