[Wiltshire] Swindon LUG meetings

Simon Iremonger (wiltslug) wiltslug at iremonger.me.uk
Wed Jan 12 19:39:12 UTC 2011

> I guess it is to enthuse and promote Linux, of which a main part must mean
> assisting novices.
> However, I am not sure an evening meeting of people crowded around a coffee
> table drinking beer fulfils that...?
No, It probably doesn't.  John described it as a "geeks' night out".

> What about newbies that are too young to be down town that late etc. etc. ?

I think BOTH the 'geeks night out' AND demonstration/help/teaching
  events are useful, separately.

> As a Linux newbie I  [...] I can still have a problem which I,
> through my own endeavours, cannot resolve.
> What would be nice would be to find someone who knows and whom
> I could ask ... and then., even be shown how it can be done..
Sounds sensible.  Somebody may know, but the more specialist
  your question, the harder it will be to find the right help
  I guess.

> So my hope was that my local Lug would be able to provide me access
> to those that know...
That, sounds about right.

> I cannot lug a server, domain controller, client pc etc  and set it
> up in a pub and then ask all present if anyone knows how to fix a
> problem I am having.
Think, too, about the point of view of the people providing the
  free consulting help!  You have to be prepared to jump through
  necessary hoops, too.  In this sort of case, I'd be trying to
  document the problem and come ask about it, or, setup remote
  access, if it involves many machines etc.!

> Please accept the above merely as comment and not criticism, I am
> trying to be constructive in this as I do want to get involved more.
Others here will have to comment on the practical problems with
  setting up such event/days.


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