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John Larkworthy john_larkworthy at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 12:06:45 UTC 2011

First, its nice to see a discussion in progress.

I will answer your points by going through your posting but first some history.

When  I joined the group there was little discussion on the mailing list. I  
triggered some long discussions but felt I would like to meet some of  the name 
on the list. I suggested an ad-hoc meeting as a social event - a  bonding 
experience if you will. At that meeting someone offered to host  a data base of 
archives, and a regular meeting was suggested. It has  been going for about 
10years now so well done. So that was the original  motivation for a regular 

2011/1/12 Stanley Chelchowski <stanch at ntlworld.com>

>Re: Meetings
>As a Linux newbie (still..) I would like to throw in my tuppence worth into the 
>discussion on Lug meetings.

Lug meetings and mailing lists are open to all.  

>What is the purpose of the meetings?

An  open question with an open answer, use the meeting to meet your needs.  Need 
a social group to talk nerdy come along, broken system, not sure if  Linux is 
for you, ...

It is obviously a meeting of Linux people, but I do not know why they meet up? 
Is there an aim? 

My thought was to meet face to  face with the people I was talking to on the 
mailing list. This can and  has been expanded to share GPG key data for mail 

I guess it is to enthuse and promote Linux, of which a main part must mean 
assisting novices.

No I think that is the role of the mailing list. but see my earlier answer.

However, I am not sure an evening meeting of people crowded around a coffee 
table drinking beer fulfils that...?
>What about newbies that are too young to be down town that late etc. etc. ?

Yes  that is a problem which we have failed to address properly. We have had  
events in Swindon library and a local school over the years to support  and 
promote Linux and free software with some success.

>The following may explain where I am coming from...
>As a Linux newbie I have many issues, difficulties and problems trying to set up 
>things and do things in or with Linux. 
>I obviously can research the issues by googling for solutions, buying magazines 
>or books. 
>However,  possibly due to a basic misunderstanding, I can still have a problem  
>which I, through my own endeavours, cannot resolve.
>Next stage is to post a question on one of the forums, this can be quite a slow 
>process and is not that effective.
>I end up getting bogged down and abandoning the project for a while.
>The whole process can be worse than pulling teeth...
>What would be nice would be to find someone who knows and whom I could ask ... 
>and then., even be shown how it can be done..
>I have searched for Linux courses, the commercial ones are very, very expensive. 
>Linux isn't available as a local Evening Class.

Well it is not for trying - I offered my services to Swindon College but my 
offer was declined. 


I have even asked a few commercial Linux companies if they offer mentoring 
services... no joy..
>I do not know anyone who is Linux savvy.

I  think this is a role members in LUG groups can help with. Again face to  face 
LUG meetings can start the relationship, I think it helps if you  live fairly 
close together so that if necessary your mentor can come  over and help with 
particular problems.

So my hope was that my local Lug would be able to provide me access to those 
that know... 

>Unfortunately, I do not believe the venue where the Swindon Lug meets lends 
>itself to solving my issues.
>I  cannot lug a server, domain controller, client pc etc  and set it up in  a 
>pub and then ask all present if anyone knows how to fix a problem I  am having.

Well a  recent inovation in our pub  free WiFI but not particularly reliable. If  
you are having a particular problem and can wait the you are right  forums and 
mailing lists are the answer if google cannot answer the  question. 
Unfortunately some people on the forums and mailing lists seem  unable to 
support newbies needing to put them down with sarcastic  remarks like RFM. I 
like to think our lug mailing list is pretty well  free of this. The problem I 
find is how to frame the question. 

>Please accept the above merely as comment and not criticism, I am trying  to be 
>constructive in this as I do want to get involved more.

I  comment and constructive criticism is always welcome. It seems to me  that we 
still have a role to play and I welcome someone suggest or  arrange alternative 
venues which will be as successful as a 'couple of  pints, second monday of the 

>PS Anyone familiar with Samba access controlled through Active Directory?

I  have a guilty feeling I should know the answer to these issues but I am  
rather out of date but I will ask around in our office.

Confession time, I work for a company producing System on a Chip  using ARM 
processors Targeted at NAS boxes. Needless to say these use  Samba to serve 
files to Windows clients hence the embarrassment.  



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