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Thu Jan 27 23:53:55 UTC 2011

Looks like the O.U. are thinking of doing a follow on course from there
T155 Course an Introduction to Linux, which was a 10 week course.
See ... almost main stream ;-)


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Hi all

In the next week, we hold the exam board to review and then publish the
results for the course. Apologies that it seems to have taken so long,
the big wheels at the university move slowly as this is part of a suite
of seven courses reporting results for over 2000 students.

The reason for this email is that the course team are looking with
earnest at launching a 'Linux 2' course, there is no definite date, nor
level or cost, we have to create a proposal based on "customer

The course will focus on Linux Server admin skills and our initial
proposition is to match the LPI 102, 201, 202.

If you are interested, please visit ...


Many thanks

Andrew Smith

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