[Wiltshire] Wanted, crt monitor

John Carlyle-Clarke john at wormdrive.net
Sun Jan 22 00:01:47 UTC 2012

On 21/01/12 23:05, Chris Covell wrote:
> Hey guys, trying to get my mame cab back up and running after a couple
> of house moves. My problem is that my 19inch crt has given up.
> Has anyone got a 19 or bigger crt hanging around they don't want
> anymore? I know it is a long shot.

I have one, I think. 19" Samsung IIRC. Haven't used it in a couple of 
years or more, and it's stored in a rather damp place so I would have to 
test it.  If no-one else pops up with a working one, I'll drag it out 
and give it a try.  If it works, you're welcome to it.

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