[Wolves] Pipex ADSL anyone?

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 31 15:24:00 2002


I am seriously considering  changing to Broadband, Pipex ADSL. I am 
paying 14.99 a month for a dial up Freetime Anytime connection to 
ClaraNet and I also pay 40 quarter for a second line at home just for 
the Internet! I have looked at Pipex ADSL and I'll be able to get rid 
of the second line, and I'll be paying 23.95 month for broadband. 
Seems ok to me. Plus Clara keep on sending me letters threatening to 
kick me off as I am spending too much time on line! ;) (seems that ISP'
s didn't really think this through when offering Freetime Anytime 
connections, of course people are going to use them A LOT! ;) )
Anyway, to my question. Is anyone using Pipex ADSL, and obviosuly are 
there any good FAQs/HowTos for getting it set up on Linux Smoothwall.
Also if you are using Pipex, what do you think of it?

many thanks for any input!