[Wolves] Pipex ADSL anyone?

Adam Sweet wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Aug 31 17:11:01 2002

> there any good FAQs/HowTos for getting it set up on
> Linux Smoothwall.
> Also if you are using Pipex, what do you think of
> it?

It's dead simple. The only config I had to do
(BTOpenworld) was enter my DNS server IPs, VCI numbers
(still don't know what they are but I found them on a
website), upload the mgmt.o file for the frog modem
(very easy, via web interface), set the dial-on-demand
check boxes and add your username and password. You've
already done most of this stuff before setting up your
dial-up, so it should be easy enough.
A google search was very helpful, though you may have
to trawl newsgroups and the web for Pipex specifics
(unless Ron knows, which he probably does ;) ). The
page that helped me was (ironically on Pipex):


I am not too hot on Linux networking but I did this
and it was easy. I may be looking at Pipex myself in
the event of my moving into a flat with my mate. Ron,
what was the 20ish p/m ISP you mentioned?
Good luck,



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