[Wolves] keymapping

Aquarius wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 10:44:01 2002

Chris Procter spoo'd forth:
> Dont xmodmap and xkeycaps only work if you're running X windows?
> I think you can use the dumpkeys command to dump the current key map, pipe
> the results to a file, edit it and then use loadkeys to load the file again
> (read the man pages first, my memory isn't what it...what was I saying?).
> Make sure you have a backup copy of your current key map first though, you
> can cause serious problems if you get the keymap wrong. 

Blimey, do people use the console any more? The times I'm not in X,  I'm 
sshed into  the  machine,  and  therefore  using  a  different  keyboard 
without a broken space bar. I've  used  loadkeys  in  the  past,  but  I 
didn't understand it...


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