[Wolves] keymapping

Chris Procter wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 3 17:15:00 2002

>>From: Chris Procter <Chris@foxonline.co.uk>
>>That said I do use X sometimes, it not a religious thing (hell, I even use
>>Vi from time to time).
>Starting to see the light?
>/me grabs asbestos boxer shorts

Vi vi vi, the editor of the beast, just because I have dabbled with the
darkside does not mean that I have turned completely from the true faith,
strayed from the path of rightousness to the desolate wastes of modal

Thats why I have 2000+ pages of emacs documentation on my shelves, to act as
firelighters for the unbelivers...

>>BTW. Hi, I'm a South Birmingham LUG person lurking on your list because 
>>is a tad slow at the moment :)
>we noticed it's a grammer thing ;-)

You saying I dont talk proper like?

>but seriously (or not)
>I thought it was part of a conspiracy that ever since I joined your list 
>nothing, nada, has been sent to it.  I didn't want to ask if anyone else
>on the list for fear of public ridicule.

Depends when you joined, we had 5 posts yesterday, and 2 over the weekend,
but none today, if you didn't get them its broke. It goes through fits and



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