[Wolves] women in linux

Jayne Heger wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 4 07:29:00 2002

> Ahhh don't worry Jayne, I did'nt forget you...you just
> need to come to a meeting. :)

Yeah, I must do sometime, I'd love to meet you all. My problem is being a 
'girl' I don't feel safe on my own at night, so I worry how I'd get home 
safe.  I live in Hall Green - Birmingham so its far as well. If anyone lives 
in the Hall Green area and who wouldn't mind seeing me home safe - anyone? ;)
> What would be mad is if all three of the 'lug ladies'
> were to come along to the LUG at the same time - it
> would be a good example for a generally male dominated
> event.
> I think the whole aspect of helping women to get more
> involved with Linux is a good thing. There is a bit of
> stigma with computers that they asre a 'boys toys'
> kind of thing, which they obviously are not. Maybe we
> could do some kind of feature on the Wolves LUG site
> about this.

Yeah, I have many a story to tell believe me!


PS - sorry about my clock, I'm having huge fights with it at the moment. I 
went into my BIOS to set the correct time and it still has insisted on going 
one hour forward! 
hope its not my CMOS battery.