[Wolves] Tracking children on Redhat 6.2 default install

Simon Gill wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 5 10:19:01 2002

This came from an article in Computing and I've cc'ed the writer so that
she can see at least one opinion on the ridiculous nature of the story.

24/7 Security are trialling a tracking system based on "spread radio
technology" similar to the mobile phone network. From the article "Each
user has a tracking device which can be monitored by third parties, such
as parents, via a secure web site."

Devices for young children will be on permanently and older children
will only be traceable if they press the emergency button. They can also
receive text messages.

Yet another bad situation for IT to be in, although 24/7 are going to
make millions from the paranoia generated by recent high profile cases.
It is the height of strangeness that people would even think of putting
sensitive data like this on the web, especially when there are so many
things to go wrong.

Link: www.quiktrak.co.uk