[Wolves] women in linux

Jono Bacon wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Dec 6 14:24:00 2002

--- Rich M <rmeeking@microsuxx.com> wrote:
> >Steve, Vinny and Alex were ok but Richard looked a
> little started when jono 
> >said "yeah, and who are you?"
> >
> Shocked more like - I'm a quiet chap y'know. Still
> interested in the LUG though, and wasn't scared
> away, I'm just _still_ decorating :-( 

Ahhh there yu are Rich - did someone send you a
Mandrake CD? Sorry if I appeared a little volitile - I
was rather suprised to see an unexpected guest to the
LUG. It was cool to meet you. :D

> What happened to the Linux in Schools plan BTW? 

That is something that was discussed and largely
involved Mark Ellse who has beena little busy recently
and not been to meetings.

It is still a project however that many in the LUG
would like to help.


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