[Wolves] laptop screen bugger

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 22 21:15:01 2002

On Sunday 22 Dec 2002 5:05 pm, Aquarius wrote:
> I doubt it, mind; it sounds like a
> hardware fault to me. What did the blokes who fixed it say they did?

Well the plot thickens. At first he quoted me 100 squid to fix the flures=
tube that lights the screen, then he started going on about how its actua=
costing  350 and he'll have to replace the whole screen!! I reminded him =
the 100 quote and he said he'd do it as a favour (my dad recently spent a=
of cash on a new machine from him)...
I really justt wanted to double check if it could have possibly been me, =
when i take it back i know where i stand.

Wayne wrote
> Not an Advent, by any chance? Mine used to go regularly dim (so dim it
> used to look off, but if you shone a torch at it, you could see the
> words.

Nah, an old dell latitude 266i I've read lots of good reviews, did my res=
before i got it.

> Theres a flourescent tube that lights the screen that may be not
> connected properly, and it has a little pot to adjust the contrast -
> this may be badley connected.

I hope so! Its really frustrating as its something beyond my control, and=
a crappy time for this to happen as well.

> Its not the 'auto-dim' feature is it? powere saving mode?

I thought it might, but its fully charged up. It went suddenly , i didn't=
it , or jolt it.=20

I think i'll take it back tommorrow, maybe try and get a refund and try=20
somewere else.

thanks guys, for a while it thought 'XFConfig has f**ked my laptop!' Anyw=
i'm going to watch fight club now, and forget about it till tommorrow