[Wolves] laptop screen bugger

Steve Crozier wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Dec 23 17:16:00 2002

On Monday 23 Dec 2002 3:03 pm, Jono Bacon wrote:

> Sounds like these guys are trying to fleece you. I
> would get it back and not pay up. :D

I phoned the, today, he reckons its to do with the motherboard..hopefully=
it'll be sorted after christmas. At least i can use it with an old monito=
i've got knocking about, tho it sorts of defeats the point of having a=20
laptop. I spose i could carry the monitor around with me as well :-)

> > i'm going to watch fight club now, and forget about
> > it till tommorrow
> Great film!
Isn't it just! I've heard the DVD is amazing - loads of interesting bits =
bobs, rather than the usual 1/2 hour docuadvert tosh...almost tempted to =
it, but it sort of goes against the anti consumerism message of the film=20
innit! Maybe i should look for one in a skip, or look online?* :-p

*legal disclaimer - of course i'm not suggesting that people should steal=
other peoples intellectual property=20

steve A2RT (off to see two towers tonight + mighty excited!)