[Wolves] Re: wolves meeting

Simon Gill wolves at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 20 09:56:01 2002


 1. Jono
 2. Ron
 3. Goththing (aka.Alex)
 5. Simon and Steve from Birmingham A2RT
 6. Rob Smith
 7. James
 8. Aq.

 Late Go's:

 No Go's:

 1. Adam - Will be up to my elbows in SQL and C++
 assignments. Hopefully can make the following meeting.
 2. Mark. Sorry chaps for my long non-appearance. Up to my neck in
 it, and one of our teachers runs a choir which she wants me to
 sing in for the next concert and the rehearsals are on Wednesdays.
 PS, isn't RedHat 8.0 good?
 3. Simon, just realised that I could do with revising for my First Aid
exam tomorrow...
 PS, ain't Debian brilliant :)