inflamatory effect was Re: [Wolves] Re: wolves meeting

steve parkes wolves at
Wed Nov 20 13:36:01 2002

>>2. Mark. Sorry chaps for my long non-appearance. Up to my neck in
>>it, and one of our teachers runs a choir which she wants me to
>>sing in for the next concert and the rehearsals are on Wednesdays.
>>PS, isn't RedHat 8.0 good?
>No doubt the above comment will have an inflamatory effect on
>certain Debian enthusiasts on this list, mentioning no names :)

That would be most of us, well those in the know ;-)
>Personally, I quite like RH8 overall, though it hasn't been without
>its fair share of controversy. There are quite a few improvements
>compared to 7.3, particularly on the desktop, making the distro seem
>more polished and reducing the learning curve for those not from a
>previous Linux or UNIX background. However there's still quite a few
>areas that could be better and features which are rather annoying.

There is a hotfix for all those RedHat problems you can find it at ;-)
>To whom it may concern: See you tomorrow.

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